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Mastering Vegetable Garden Planning: A Simple Guide with Free Planner (FREE PDF)

Embrace the upcoming growing season with enthusiasm and vision. Imagine the endless possibilities your garden holds and recognize the challenges of time management and organization. Fear not, for this guide will transform your gardening dreams into achievable realities. With our easy-to-follow steps and a handy planner, you're set to embark on a successful gardening journey.

By thefarmdream

From Dreams to Reality: Documenting Your Garden Vision

As you are making your way towards the new growing season you start to dream about all the possibilities of your garden. But you know the biggest issue is making time for everything and you fear that you will lose track of everything and forget what it was you wanted to do. So to get a grip on your garden you’ve decided to make a plan! But since you don’t know where to start, I am going to help you create one with 3 simple steps.

1. Get it out of your head

The most important step in your garden plan is putting your ideas on paper. This list will be the guide to finding clarity later. You need to write it down as usually, we forget things within a few days. Imagine trying to remember everything you want to do in your garden. That would be an impossible task, so you might feel overwhelmed during the season or you will just forget 80% and feel like you’ve not used your garden as you wanted to.

This list doesn’t need to be fancy or organized. Just find a piece of paper and write everything down you would like to test, try, do, grow, harvest or whatever you can think of in your garden.

2. Monthly planning

As the season progresses, most things can be planned within a month. So the focus is to figure out what on your list needs to be done when, as in, in which month.

So behind everything you’ve just got to put, what month you would need to do something to achieve this? As an example, I’ve been wanting to grow Luffa’s for three years straight now. But I forget to sow them as it’s during a busy time. This year I won’t forget because I’ve written down on my to-do list for late March that I need to sow Luffa’s.

Easier said than done of course! Because you need to know a lot about all the plants to make this plan. But not to worry, we’ve got a free online sowing calendar to help with this. It’s as simple as possible, search for the vegetable or flower you want to grow and all the information presents itself.

You can find the sowing calendar here


3. Start your growing adventure

Now that you’ve got everything out of your head and on paper, all you need to do is follow your created monthly lists. This is all you need for a garden plan. I know that some people plan out the entire garden bed for each month. But you never know how the season will go and if a crop finished fast or slow.

The goal of this plan is to make sure you grow what you want to grow. There is always some space around to add a few plants, and if you continue to sow, you will always have seedlings for empty spots!


As I want to help you I’ve created a simple PDF. You can use this to plan out what you want to grow and get an overview of your monthly sowing tasks. The second page explains how to use it and the pages after are ready to be filled in!

Get your hands on our valuable planner and start shaping your dream garden today. Available in both Dutch and English, this tool is your first step towards a bountiful and organized garden.

You can download the Dutch PDF here
You can find the English PDF here

Transform your gardening aspirations into reality with our straightforward guide and the accompanying planner. Happy gardening!

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