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Huw Richards trays

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The Huw Richards growing trays.

About Huw Richards

Huw Richards, known for his practical approach to organic gardening, has inspired a wide audience through his educational videos and books. His focus on working with nature rather than against it resonates through his specially designed products. The Huw Richards Collection embodies his belief that gardening should be straightforward, enjoyable, and aligned with natural processes.

Innovative Tray Design

The 10 cell and 20 cell trays from the Huw Richards Collection are perfect for gardeners looking to cultivate a variety of vegetables. These trays are sized to accommodate the diverse needs of different vegetables, providing ample space for growth while ensuring each plant receives adequate care and nutrients. Their design makes them versatile for both novice gardeners and seasoned growers.

Propagator Compatibility

Like the Charles Dowding trays, Huw Richards’ trays are fully compatible with the propagator used in the Charles Dowding collection. This propagator is ideal for creating the perfect microclimate for seed germination and growth, featuring controls for humidity and temperature that are critical in the early stages of plant development.

Huw's Approach to Gardening

Huw Richards advocates for simplicity in gardening, promoting techniques that reduce complexity and increase enjoyment. His trays are designed to be straightforward to use, encouraging gardeners to start their growing journey with confidence and success. By following Huw’s methods, gardeners can achieve bountiful harvests with minimal environmental impact, staying true to his philosophy of sustainability and ease.

Encouraging Nature-Friendly Practices

Aligned with Huw’s commitment to sustainability, his gardening products are designed to enhance ecological balance and support natural gardening practices. Using these products, gardeners can foster a healthy garden ecosystem that thrives on organic principles and responsible care.

"Best Buy" March 2024

Rewarded with the Best Buy award for sustainable pots in March of 2024 Huws trays stand out from the crowd. "This sturdy tray is great for smaller seeds and grew healthy seedlings"

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