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Foxglove Dalmatian Peach – 50 seeds


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Foxglove Dalmatian Peach seeds
This type of foxglove grows the most amazing colored flowers we have seen so far. Every morning her tall stems with an endless amount of flowers are filled with different types of bees. due to the open shape of the flower, pollinators can easily access the pollen. Foxgloves are easy to grow and require very little care. The only recommendation we have is to support the tall stems if your garden is exposed to strong winds or heavy rainfall.

Planting information to grow Foxglove from seed:
Plant type: Hardy biannual/ short-lived perennial
Height: 60-80 centimeters
Position: full sun or partial shade
Start seeds: late summer or early spring
Germination: takes 14-21 days around 15-20°C
Number of days until plants bloom: at least 90 days to one year
Plant spacing: 30 to 40 centimeters
Pruning/pinching: optional, when young plants are about 30 centimeters tall
Number of seeds per pack: 50, coated with clay for easy sowing

Guide to Growing Foxglove from Seed

Digitalis, popularly known as Foxglove, is a biennial. This means they typically produce foliage in their first year and flower in the second, dying off in the fall. However, with the Dalmatian Peach variety, if you start early, you might see flowers in the first year itself.

Start your foxglove seeds in late winter for potential first-year flowering. Alternatively, you can sow in summer, keeping in mind they might flower the following year.

Seed Starting:

  1. Choosing the Right Tray: Use a tray with deep cells (like a 40-cell deep tray) to accommodate foxglove’s long roots. Alternatively, be ready to repot soon after germination.
  2. Sowing: Surface sow the tiny seeds. Do not cover the seeds with soil
  3. Soil Care: Keep the soil lightly moist. Prevent soil from drying out but don’t overwater because soggy soil will make seeds rot.
  4. Ideal Conditions: For best results, germinate the seeds at 15-20°C with plenty of light. Germination typically takes 2-4 weeks.
  5. Location: If sown in winter, keep seedlings in a cool, light spot such as a greenhouse, cool windowsill, cold frame, or propagator. For summer sowing, an outdoor location in partial shade is ideal until seedlings are ready to be transplanted. Don’t germinate the seeds in full sun because the summer heat can easily kill your seedlings.

Plant out After 4-6 weeks of growth or when the plants have reached a robust size. Plant them out with a distance of 30-40 centimeters apart. Opt for a 40-centimeter spacing if you’re not planning to cut the flowers. If you like, you can prune or pinch the seedlings when they are 30 to 40 centimeters tall. This will result in more stems that are a bit less tall and are more easy to manage.

When picking foxglove, ensure that about one-third of the blossoms on the stem are blooming. The remaining buds will bloom once placed in a vase. Typically, they stay fresh for around 5 to 7 days in a bouquet. To prolong their freshness, regularly replace the vase water.

Safety First: Remember, all parts of the foxglove plant, especially the seeds, are toxic when ingested. Always handle with caution, keeping away from children and pets.


Weight 15 g
Plant type

Hardy biannual

Flower height

60 – 80 cm

Sun requirements

Full sun to partial shade


Peach, Pink

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Foxglove Dalmatian Peach – 50 seeds


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