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Slugs and Snails garden trap eco-friendly 2x


Eco-friendly method to catch slugs and snails in the garden.

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10 in stock

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Every gardener's nightmare: plants getting eaten to the ground by slugs and snails. Countless mornings we gardeners have arrived at the garden to find all the young plants eaten by slimy slugs. Endless Facebook groups chatting about solutions that in the end never really work. coffee ground, wood chips, crushed shells, pine bark the list goes on and on. We have been attracting them to other fruits and vegetables so they will stay off our zinnia and salad. However, picking them up every night was not a pleasant job, and because the slugs don't have a house on their back like the snails they like to hide in the morning. Knowing all this we had high hopes for the slugs and snails trap.

We add some cucumber, watermelon or if you want you can add the eco-friendly slug pellets or beer to the trap. Digg in the cup as few centimeters and place the top cover back on the trap. You will also keep water off your slug pallets and won't have to sprinkle them through the garden (most gardeners don't like the look of it). Just before you go to bed, or in the morning you easily toss out the collected slugs and snails without too much damage to the garden.

Eco-Friendly method to catch slugs and snails
removable top
Long-lasting garden tool

Trap Size (cm): 12,5 x 11,5 x 10  (~14” x 8” x 1,7”)
Covering garden area: 30 to 50 m2 per trap
Package of two traps



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