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Durable Seed trays

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Unbelievably Durable. Incredibly Handy.

Ongelooflijk duurzaam. Onvoorstelbaar handig.

Unglaublich langlebig. Unglaublich handlich.

Incroyablement solide. Incroyablement utile.

The best seed trays in Europe

De beste kweektrays in Europa

Die beste anzuchtschale in Europa

Le meilleur bac à semis d'Europe

Find Your Perfect Tray

Vind je perfecte kweektray

Finden Sie Ihr perfektes Saatguttablett

Trouvez le bac à semences idéal

Discover the ideal tray in under a minute.

Ontdek jouw ideale tray in minder dan een minuut.

Entdecken Sie das ideale Tablett in weniger als einer Minute.

Découvrez le plateau idéal en moins d'une minute.

Flowers seed trays

Bloemzaden zaaibakjes

Blumensamen Anzuchtschalen

Graines de fleurs plateaux de semis

Breathtaking beauty.

Adembenemende schoonheid.

Atemberaubende Schönheit.

Une beauté à couper le souffle.

Flowers seed trays

Type of growing trays


Frequently asked questions about seed trays

What seed tray do I need?

As there is a large collection of durable seed trays we can imagine it's hard to find the correct tray for you. That's why we've got quizzes available throughout the website to help you find your perfect seed tray.

If you are in need of more help, feel free to give us a call and we'll answer all your sowing questions.

Which collection fits together?

All durable seed trays are made from the same materials, making them all part of one big collection.

But, there are certain trays and propagators that work together.

Large trays collection:

Same collection, but doesn't fit in the greenhouse:

Containerwise collection:

Same collection, but doesn't fit in the greenhouse:

What trays fit in the large greenhouse with lid?

What trays can be combined with the green bottom water tray?

How do I water my seed tray?

There are two ways to water your seedlings in the seed trays.

We prefer to use the bottom water tray to water your seedlings from below. This ensures a complete watering of the cell and keeps water and fungi of your plants leafs.

You can also grab a watering can and make it rain. Important to note: you need to give proper water so you will need to make it rain a couple of times.

Learn more here (video)

Why should I invest in quality seed trays?

The durable seed trays will last you 15 years. In comparison to the flimsy trays you buy in a local garden center, this means you wont have to buy new ones every year or two.

Also, they are way easier to use, so in those 15 years your garden will flourish and thrive.

Starting out strong seedlings is the most important step to getting big harvest.

Essentials for your garden

Sturdy Durable Seed Trays

Seed Trays

Enhance your gardening success with our reliable seed trays. Ideal for sowing almost all types of vegetables and flowers, these trays provide the perfect conditions for seed growth. Protect your seeds from pests, adverse weather, and ensure they receive optimal nutrition, temperature, and light.

Choosing the Right Tray

Choosing the right tray is essential for your gardening success. Whether you’re cultivating cabbages, which thrive in our 40 cells deep seed tray, or prefer growing beetroot and onions in our 40 cells shallow module tray, we have the options to meet your needs. For florists, our 77 cells trays are perfect for a variety of flowers. Still unsure? Use our seed tray search engine to find the ideal match for what you plan to grow.

How to Use a Seed Tray

Our seed trays are crafted using advanced injection molding techniques with UV stabilized Polypropylene, ensuring they are durable, plant-safe, and environmentally friendly. Unlike the softer plastic trays that often break after just one season, our Containerwise trays are designed to withstand multiple uses without damage. They are simple to handle and feature large holes that make transplanting a breeze—simply push out the seedlings with your finger, avoiding damage and stress to the plants.

Versatility and Efficiency

All our trays have uniform outer dimensions, meaning you only need one size of bottom water tray for any type. This uniformity is ideal for creating streamlined growing racks or setups. With excellent drainage capabilities to prevent overwatering, our trays also support bottom watering, making them a top choice for efficient and effective gardening.

Tailored to Every Gardener’s Needs

With nine different varieties of Containerwise trays currently available, we cater to a wide range of planting needs—from lettuce and beetroot to lavender and sunflowers. To explore which tray best fits your gardening plans, visit our seed tray finder.

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