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Verbascum Southern Charm – 25 seeds


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Verbascum hybridum Southern Charm flower seeds
By far the most amazing antique-colored mix of Verbascum flowers. The plants grow tall stems with tiny slightly ruffled and silk-like flowers with a darker center. The flowers are a mix of beige brown, creamy yellow and pastel rose with a purple to dark but warm pink center. Requiring minimal attention once settled in the garden, these resilient plants thrive in almost any soil type, provided it’s well-draining. Experience the timeless charm of this Verbascum mix and let it elevate the beauty of your garden.

Verbascum should even be deer-resistant. But since we are so lucky not to have any deer in our garden, we can’t say for sure. We’d love to hear your feedback on this!

The only downside to this amazing flower is that we noticed it does not like to be in full sun all day. The leaves are very thin and easily start to hang down during very hot days. We planted Southern charm in the back of the border against our fence. The plants were in the sun between 10 in to morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Cut back stems with spend flowers and you will be rewarded with a second flush of flowers. Did you know you can also use Southern charm as a cut flower? Combine the flowers with for example Phlox creme brulee, phlox sugar stars and verbena.

Planting information to grow verbascum hybridum Southern Charm from seed:
Plant type: hardy perennial, short-lived
Height: 70-120 centimeters
Position: partial shade 4-6 hours of sun
Start seeds: March to June
Germination: Can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks
Number of days until plants bloom: 90-120 days, or in their second year
Plant spacing: 40 centimeters
Pinching or pruning: Seedlings don’t have to be pinched, the plants branch naturally
Pollinator-friendly: Yes, the flowers are open and attract many insects to your garden
Number of seeds per pack: 25 clay-coated seeds
suggested seed trays: start in a tray with small cells, then transplant to deep 40 cells

How to Grow Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’ from Seed
Germinating Verbascum seeds can be somewhat challenging. However, with the correct conditions, you should see germination within a few weeks. Given the relative expense of these seeds, you may want to start with only half of what you have. If you have access to a propagator, it’s highly recommended.

Our highest germination rate occurred when we initiated seed growth indoors under grow lights. You can replicate this by placing seeds on a bright windowsill. Don’t start your seeds before mid-March, as the additional daylight will benefit your seedlings. Another optimal time to start is at the beginning of summer when warmth and light enhance germination and growth. If you choose to begin in the summer, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

Here are two key tips for successful germination:

Seed Coverage: Don’t bury the seeds under a thick layer of soil. A light sprinkling or a fine layer of vermiculite will suffice.
Watering: Keep the soil moist, not waterlogged. Water is only needed to activate the seed. A propagator is ideal for maintaining surface moisture as it sustains humidity and creates optimal conditions for Verbascum seeds. If you don’t have a propagator, any transparent cover should work.

After several weeks, your seedlings will be ready to transplant. They adapt to any soil type. Ensure you water them adequately in the beginning until they firmly root. If sown early, they will bloom in their first year. These plants can last a few years, with some gardeners even successfully splitting or dividing mature plants for replanting. However, you might need to sow new seeds every few years. Saving seeds isn’t advisable because they have undergone selective breeding. In essence, offspring won’t resemble the parent plant.

If you enjoy harvesting the flowers, cut them when about one-third have bloomed. The flowers can be dried for use in cards or frames. While drying the entire stem is possible, we haven’t experimented with this. If you do, please share your findings! We’re eager to learn from your experience.

As fellow farm dreamers, we are here to help you. Do you have questions about growing your Verbascum? Contact us and we try to reply within a few hours.


Weight 5 g
Plant type

Hardy perennial

Flower height

80 – 90 cm

Sun requirements

Partial sun


Pink, Purple, beige

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Verbascum Southern Charm – 25 seeds


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